10 Fun & Family-Friendly Things to Do in Chico, CA

10 Fun & Family-Friendly Things to Do in Chico, CA

  • Becky Johns

Did you know that Chico, CA was given a score of A- for outdoor activities by Niche.com? This charming city, nestled in the Golden State's northern region, is known for its vibrant community, lush parks, and various family-oriented activities. With a blend of natural beauty and small-town charm, Chico is a true gem for families looking to have a good time. Here are ten delightful and family-friendly activities to do in Chico.

Fun and Family-Friendly Things to Do

Crack the Codes at Chico Escape Rooms

At Chico Escape Rooms, families can work together to solve puzzles and unravel mysteries in order to "escape" from a themed room. It’s a fantastic way to bond, encourage teamwork, and have a ton of fun while challenging your minds.

Play Retro Games at the Coin-Op Game Room

Step into a nostalgic wonderland at the Coin-Op Game Room. With a variety of classic arcade games, pinball machines, and newer video games, it’s a fun blast from the past that both kids and parents can enjoy.

Roll into Fun at Cal Skate

Get your wheels spinning at Cal Skate, Chico’s premier roller skating rink. Whether you’re a seasoned skater or strapping on skates for the first time, Cal Skate provides a fun, family-friendly environment to glide and groove.

Meet Friendly Animals at Two By Two Ranch & Petting Zoo

Bring the kids for a close-up encounter with adorable animals at the Two By Two Ranch & Petting Zoo. From goats and rabbits to more exotic creatures, it’s a hands-on experience that animal-loving families will cherish.

Shop Local at the Chico Certified Farmers Market

Experience the bounty of Northern California by visiting the Chico Certified Farmers Market. Here, families can explore rows of fresh produce, flowers, artisanal goods, and local treats. It’s an excellent way to spend a morning and introduce kids to the joys of healthy, locally sourced food.

Sing Your Heart Out at Karaoke Television

If your family has ever dreamed of becoming the next singing sensation, Karaoke Television is the place to be! With a vast collection of songs and a welcoming environment, every family member can step up to the microphone and shine.

Catch a Flick at Tinseltown

For those times you’re in the mood for a cinematic adventure, Tinseltown is Chico’s go-to movie theater. With a diverse selection of the latest releases, there’s always something for everyone – from animated features for the kids to action-packed thrillers for the adults.

Scale New Heights at Terrain Park Climbing Center

Introduce your family to the exhilarating world of rock climbing at the Terrain Park Climbing Center. Whether you’re a complete beginner or an experienced climber, the center offers walls and challenges suited for all skill levels.

Rev Up the Adventure with Chico Offroad Rentals

For families with a penchant for adrenaline, Chico Offroad Rentals provides the perfect opportunity. Here, you can rent off-road vehicles and explore the beautiful terrains surrounding Chico.

Aim for Fun at Down Range

Offering both a shooting range and archery range, Down Range is a unique spot in Chico for families looking to learn or hone their target skills. With safety as a top priority, it’s a great way to introduce older children and teenagers to these activities under expert guidance.

Chico's Green Oasis: Parks for Everyone

Bidwell Park

With miles of trails for hiking, biking, and exploring, Bidwell Park is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts of all ages. This park is one of the largest city parks in the United States and is filled with scenic beauty.

Caper Acres

This whimsical park is a wonderland for the little ones, with its unique and playful structures. It's designed to spark the imagination and provide a magical playtime.

Oak Way Park

A perfect spot for a family picnic or a game of frisbee, Oak Way Park offers a peaceful and clean environment for families to relax and unwind.

Wildwood Park

Located in the heart of Chico, Wildwood Park offers a serene environment, perfect for a family day out for picnics, walking the dog, or just enjoying the outdoors.

One Mile

One Mile is a historic and beloved swimming hole and park in Chico, a great place for families to cool off during the hot summer months.

Genetic Resource and Conservation Center

The Genetic Resource and Conservation Center features a beautiful arboretum and offers educational programs for families interested in learning more about plant conservation and biodiversity.

DeGarmo Park

A comprehensive family park, DeGarmo has playgrounds for the kids, large open spaces for picnics, and a dog park for your furry friends.

Ringel Park

Ringel Park is a quiet and quaint place to relax with family. It has lush green grass, picnic areas, and playground equipment for kids.

Community Park

Known for its sports fields, picnic spots, and expansive play areas, Community Park is a lively and active hub for families in Chico.

Chico Area Recreation & Park District

This district manages various parks and facilities throughout Chico and offers a wide range of recreational programs and activities for families to enjoy.

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