9 Easy Exterior Updates to Boost Curb Appeal on a Budget

9 Easy Exterior Updates to Boost Curb Appeal on a Budget

  • Becky Johns

Curb appeal is a powerful element of home decor. With just a few details, you can make your home stand out on the block as a beautiful, welcoming place to live. For houses for sale in Butte County, curb appeal draws buyers in with charm and style. As a homeowner, these kinds of enhancements bring personal joy and a warm welcome to visitors.

There are many ways to achieve stunning curb appeal without blowing your budget. A few small changes can transform an ordinary home exterior into something extraordinary. Let's dive into 10 easy exterior updates that can boost your curb appeal on a budget.

1. Repaint your front door and porch trim

Repainting the front door is a chance to give your home's entrance a new personality. After all, your front door is the focal point of any photo of your home's front exterior and something potential buyers will notice.

Whether you're painting your front door a bold or classic color, consider repainting your front porch trim as well. Railings, window frames, and shutters can all play a part in redefining the personality and color palette of your curb appeal.

2. Bring in blossoming planters and hanging baskets

Landscaping is a big investment, but you can place planters anywhere. You can buy blooming plants if you're in a hurry or nurture your own planters of blossoming flowers and fragrant herbs. Butte County is in the 9a/9b climate region, so look for hardy heat-resistant plants. Planters of different heights and styles can make your home's entrance look completely different. Your planters can sprout flower beds, blooming bushes, or overflowing vines to give a different yet equally verdant impression.

If you have a covered front porch, having anywhere from two to six hanging baskets of flowers can create a heartwarming cottage appeal and fill the middle space between the roof and railings perfectly.
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3. Arrange a welcoming seating area

Most people put their patio furniture in the backyard, but a little seating can be the perfect touch for your curb appeal design. Consider a hanging porch swing, a few outdoor lounges, or a circle of chairs in the front garden. Set the scene for relaxing morning coffee or afternoon gathering with friends and family, all the while accentuating the natural shape and space of your front porch or lawn.

4. Wash and refresh your exterior surfaces

You might be surprised what a little cleaning can do for your curb appeal. Home exteriors are covered in a nearly invisible yet somehow perceptible layer of dust. Washing your windows, cleaning your siding, and power-washing your pavement will ensure your house glows with fresh new energy. 

5. Incorporate landscape lighting

Landscape lighting is a secret technique to stunning curb appeal. With a few little spotlights, up/down lights, and step lights, you can transform the look of your home in the evening. Lighting can bring your landscaping and home exterior to life, and some can even change the look and feel of your architecture as the sun sets. Spotlights emphasize your shrubbery, uplights and string lights make trees feel magical, and architectural lighting can draw the eye to the subtle beauty of your space.

6. Update your mailbox

Consider how a new mailbox can add style and personality to your curb appeal as one of the first elements visitors will see when they arrive. Your mailbox also acts as a foreground detail for curb appeal photos. Explore how the color, style, size, and even the post can change how your home and front garden are perceived. Changing your mailbox is also a great opportunity to display your house numbers in a new way.

7. Display your house numbers in style

Speaking of your house numbers, this essential detail is a wonderful way to boost your home's visibility and style. Display them on the side of your home with landscape lighting, place them in your yard as sculptures, or add them to your mailbox in a way that perfectly fits the new personality of your property's front garden.

8. Light your front path with solar lanterns

Few things are more welcoming than a beautifully lit front walk. You want your front garden path to draw people in from the curb or driveway to the front door. An easy, beautiful, and affordable way to do this is with simple solar lanterns.

Solar lanterns can be placed with simple garden posts because they power themselves. A tiny solar panel on top soaks up energy all day and then begins to glow as the sun goes down (or when storm clouds gather), so your front walk is always beautifully and sustainably lit. We especially love lanterns that cast a beautiful pattern onto the pavement to emphasize the elegance of your space in the evening.

9. Hang seasonal door wreaths

A seasonal door wreath is an ancient traditional way to say that the family within is welcoming. Door wreaths signify that the family is active and festive and signal that a celebration might be taking place. Choose natural door wreaths that become fragrant with seasonal aromas as they dry as a wonderful way to greet both family members and guests when they walk through your front door.
Photo Courtesy of Pexels

Discover the perfect curb appeal for your Butte county home

If you're entering the Butte County real estate market, curb appeal is essential to delight and inspire potential buyers. The Johns Group can help you achieve the perfect exterior look to unlock your home's hidden potential within a reasonable budget. Just a few little updates are all it takes to turn a simple home exterior into a charming front walk that beckons future buyers toward the front door with every eye-catching detail.

You can unlock the potential of your home's curb appeal with the help of Becky Johns, the lead agent of the Johns Group Real Estate located right here in Chico, California. Reach out today if you're ready to buy or sell a home in Butte County.

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