The Johns Group’s Complete Home Buying Guide for Glenn County

The Johns Group’s Complete Home Buying Guide for Glenn County

  • Becky Johns

Home buying and every process surrounding it has developed greatly over the years. Modernized technology and real estate tools make it possible to experience homebuying differently than ever before. With the right knowledge and assistance, finding and closing on your new home will be exciting and rewarding.

Find the right help

Even with consistent research, every step of buying a home is a lot to memorize and perfect if you are not a trained realtor. When making such weighted decisions, you deserve the best possible help so you can be satisfied with and achieve your end goal. Different Glenn County real estate agents utilize different techniques and tools during the home-buying process. It is important to invest time into finding the agent that best suits your needs.

Generally speaking, it is important to have an agent that is experienced, licensed,  well-informed, and well-versed in providing a luxury homebuying experience. Contact the Johns Group today to partner with an agent that fulfills all of these qualities and more.

Pinpoint your budget

Before moving forward with any other part of the home-buying process, figuring out your budget comes first. Having an idea of the price point you are working with will allow you to set proper expectations and criteria. Conversations with your preferred financial advisor and your realtor will help you get familiar with a range of local prices and decide what price point is ideal for your circumstances. It is normal to have a budget with room for fluctuation, but getting informed on what exactly that ballpark should be is the best way to prime this process for success.

Decide how you would like to buy

Once you know how much you are able to spend for the purchase of your new home, you need to decide how you would like to spend that amount. If the budget that has been decided requires a mortgage, then you will need to gain pre approval before moving forward. Talk to a couple of different lenders, as some may offer better terms than others.

If your budget has been generated based on what you are able to purchase outright in cash, you will have more negotiating power. With a cash budget, you are still able to apply for a mortgage, if that is the route you would prefer, and adjust your down payment and other terms accordingly. Knowing the route you would like to take beforehand will allow you to get ahead on things like deciding on a mortgage servicer or planning the logistics around a cash purchase. Your Real Estate Agent at the Johns Group can help you strategize on the options that could work best for you.

Pick a location

With your budget set and your method of purchase determined, you are a little further to closing on the home of your dreams. But, the important question of where exactly your home will be located is essential. When deciding on where you wish to move, it's key to consider the kind of lifestyle you wish to have long-term. If you are looking to continue living in a manner that is similar to your current circumstances, picking an area that is adjacent to where you are currently living is recommended. However, if you are looking to adopt a new way of living, such as switching from an urban area to a rural one, mapping out what you desire will help you pinpoint a location that is suited to your needs.

Research different neighborhoods

Even when you have chosen a town or city, it is still wise to have a specific neighborhood in mind. Different neighborhoods tend to have different vibes, amenities, and nearby attractions. Looking at nearby schools or proximity to your work location is important when researching different neighborhoods.

If your list of requirements for your new neighborhood is a short one, you will benefit from visiting different neighborhoods and properties in them and choosing what really resonates with you best. Should you have no constraints on the neighborhood you prefer to be in, it is possible to focus solely on the qualities of the home, which could mean more options to choose from.

Make a list of your needs

Mapping out your ideal location is just one part of the process of deciding what you need in your new home. Choosing an ideal location is important since the location of the home is permanent, but picking a home that also has as many of your requirements as possible will save you time on things like renovations and upgrades in the future. And as you continue to work with your agent, they will be your best resource in developing your list of must-haves for your new property.

When considering what is a must for your new home, think about the things that you are not willing to compromise in a property. If space is important to you, you may have a firm minimum square footage or amount of rooms. Deciding on these factors will help your agent narrow down MLS filters to use when finding properties to suggest to you.

View the property in person 

Even the most beautiful listing can elicit surprise when seeing the home in person. Taking the time to visit the home you are interested in prior to considering purchasing it is one of the most important parts of the home-buying process. Whether you are interested in an open house or a private showing, a time should be set to view the home in person. You will attend viewings with your agent and benefit from their presence and assistance during the showing. This is a great time to get further acquainted with the home and dig deep into the fine details of the home. Some homes look better in person or have details and features that are hard to convey on camera. An in-person viewing is your opportunity to really scope out a home as you work to figure out if it is the right property for you. The agents at The Johns Group are always ready to schedule showings and look forward to assisting you in finding the Glenn County home that checks all the boxes!



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